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Do you observe a dark marks on your sofa or favorite armchair where your hands and head rest? These marks are due to the transferring of oils from your body to your sofa surface when you are rest on them. In addition to this all the allergens present in your body will also effect your upholstery stuffs. Our effective cleaning treatments can extract all these body oils and allergens from your upholstery stuff in the same manner that we fetch out them from your carpet material.

Our professionals will do special treatments to realize the nature of your fabric. This nature will find out what sort of cleansing mixtures and tricks to be followed. All fabrics should be vacuumed deeply before the starting of our cleaning process. This step will extract all dry dirt and any loose soils from break throughs and crevices. In accordance with your fabric, a special cleaning mixture will be formulated which is suitable for your fabric type. Contact us for a free estimate:800-997-5161

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